HIRALI FOUNDATION is top ngo in mumbai. Hirali Foundation is an organization comprising passionate people focusing on result-oriented conservation efforts.

HIRALI FOUNDATION is here to prove to the world that change is POSSIBLE, and change is HAPPENING. We are not just a group of people who care, but people who care enough to do something for our country and its environment.

For HIRALI FOUNDATION GO GREEN – is not just a slogan, but a way of life for us.

HIRALI FOUNDATION is a non-profit, non-governmental committed organization working nationwide to protect the environment, the rights of the people to clean and fresh water and air, and the protection of the cultural heritage of India.

We believe that if we unite and take proper care in protecting and conserving the limited natural resources, we can give our children a better tomorrow. It is possible only through community participation and awareness.

HIRALI FOUNDATION is actively involved in creating awareness among NGOs, Lawyers, Scientists, Senior Officials, Academicians, Students & Youth through training, seminars, workshops, and other activities.

The environment is the only natural asset. But a degraded environment means stress on land, water, and forest resources for survival.

We aim to raise these concerns, participate in seeking answers, and – more importantly – in pushing for answers and transforming these into policy. 

At Hirali Foundation, we do it through our research. We call this knowledge-based activism. We hope we will make a difference.

There is a growing interest amongst professionals, public administrators, private sector executives, NGO professionals, students, and others in environmental issues. 

Organizational Profile

Registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act,1950, HIRALI FOUNDATION – a dynamic and flexible organization with a global vision and local focus- was set up in 2011 to increase the consciousness and knowledge about the environment and the major environmental problems facing the Earth today. 

HIRALI FOUNDATION has been providing a leadership role in the field of environment.

HIRALI FOUNDATION has created widespread environmental and civic awareness by promoting community-based ecological improvement efforts.